Naveex solutions offers companies a truly modern platform for developing all operations. Our solutions meet the company's most critical needs. However, we have taken our service to the next with our agile development methods we offer cost-effective customization solutions for corporate business needs. If you use multiple systems, our interfaces will solve the demanding needs for integration.

Customer Relationship Management - CRM

With the Naveex CRM solution customer, relationships can be managed most effortlessly, efficiently and innovatively.

Business Management ERP

Our ERP solution helps you to effectively coordinate all project business, products and inventory, rental equipment, and services.

Financial Management FA

With Naveex you can manage your business billings, receivables, and accounting effortlessly

Naveex Educational

Naveex Educational offers a comprehensive solution for training and simulation of business systems in a secured and safe learning environment

Integration Solutions

Naveex is designed to communicate with other systems. Interfaces (APIs) make it easy to transfer data between multiple systems and offers the possibility to store all data in one place.

Business Intelligence

We believe in the Data Driven Business concept and we want to help your business identify critical performance indicators for your activity and track your organization's performance.


We offer Naveex solution to cover company's information system needs. We strongly believe in the critical role of information in modern business and we want to help companies get the critical information needed to drive and manage their business. Naveex solutions cover the company's needs from customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, financial management, and ultimately analytics and reporting. Our inspiration is to create technical solutions that respond to the customer's real need. We are happy to be involved in developing our customers' operating models and processes more efficiently. We are happy to help companies of various sizes operating in different sectors.


Our customers are companies of various sizes operating in various industries. Some of our customers operate in several countries and Naveex solutions have been localized to several target countries. Whether your business is, either global or domestic, we believe the Naveex solution will provide you with an excellent platform to develop and grow your business.


Our company consists of a number of experts in the field and we have a lot of experience in enterprise systems and their implementation.


You can contact us, whatever your business information system needs. We are happy to discuss what kind of project we could start with you along our common path. Honesty is one of our values and we embark on those projects where we feel we can really serve our customer.