Naveex Story

Our story in a nutshell

Naveex is a Startup company, founded from an old and stable business. The previous product and service portfolios have been in use in several industries for over 7 years. The new company was set up to increase customer numbers and provide a broader service concept.

Our solutions are used in several critical sites in Northern Europe 24/365 and affects the daily work of thousands of people.

We do not just sell our system but also provide consultation to support business development and best practices.

For years, we have been backing up with seamless upgrades for customer satisfaction and easy-to-reach support. Our customer satisfaction has been top notch.

Our team consists of ERP-CRM and corporate system experts who have strong experience in both technical and business development.

Our company is agile and “lean”,  and will remain as such and we use little to create great.

Our technical architecture is provided by Oracle Cloud. Naveex can be scaled from one-user companies to thousands of enterprise users.


The secret to our success and our way of working

Our customers operate in many different industries. We have customers in the manufacturing industry, information technology, auto industry, national security, consulting business and the education sector. We are delighted to say that so far our success rate for ERP and CRM projects has been 100%. Statistical information of the industry’s average shows that these projects fail in up to 70% of all cases.

We offer an alternative to bigger system vendors. For us, small as well as big companies are significant and we strive to serve them always in a way that suits their needs. We offer a cost-effective alternative to a customized information system. Thanks to our technical architecture, the customer’s specific requirements are easily taken into account in the system. This distinguishes us from many of our competitors.

Speaking of tailor-made systems, we see it as a major factor in a successful system deployment and just tailoring makes companies particularly benefit from CRM and ERP systems. We strongly believe that, instead of business processes, the system must adapt to the company’s needs. The traditional way of thinking in the market has been to introduce an information system in the company and to change the operation to support the system. Our approach is different, first develop business processes into order and then set up a system to support them. Naveex offers just the right tools for this need and directly from the cloud.

With years of development work, Naveex’s use does not have to be limited to one country, but can be used in many different countries. We can offer different language versions almost everywhere in the world, and localization has been made in different parts of the world. We are able to serve your business even at a global business level.

If you would like to hear more about our story and how we work, please contact us! We will be happy to tell you more.