Naveex Corporate CRM/ERP Solutions

Naveex ERP and CRM solutions

Naveex ERP-CRM solutions are scalable and suitable for many different industries. Our solution has been in use for many years in various businesses and with excellent user satisfaction. Therefore, we are proud to say that the success rate for our ERP and CRM solutions has been 100%. All deployments have been successful. You can use Naveex solutions on a computer, tablet or laptop.

Naveex CRM solution is a complete customer relationship management system for your business needs. It enables you to lead your relationships and improve profitability. Naveex CRM brings efficiency to customer relationship management and customer relationship tracking.

Naveex ERP solution is a fully customizable ERP system for your business needs. Naveex’s architecture is designed to cater for changing customer needs. Our starting point is that the system must be adaptable to the customer’s business – not the other way around. Naveex’s customization is cost-effective and fast. With customization, we guarantee that our system can be used in companies with special operating models or specialization. We have been able to create solution for a number of companies who have had difficulties finding suitable solution that are a complete set of systems.

Naveex also has a solution for company’s financial administration. Billing, e-invoicing, rescheduling and accounting are are integrated features. With the system, offers can be easily turned into electronic invoices and sent to a customer, you literally need to press a button to send an invoice by email, . Also, If your organization needs to use, for example, a specific accounting system, Naveex can be easily be integrated with it.

Intelligent reporting and fresh analytics, combined with a streamlined customer relationship management system and enterprise resource planning, create brilliant tools for measuring an organization. From Naveex, you will be able to report the most important figures of customer relationships, sales, operations and finances. You can create your own reports, and our consultants will help you build an intelligent Business Intelligence solution that helps you track important key figures of your business.