Our Solutions

Naveex: Corporate ERP System
A comprehensive and fully integrated system that allows companies to see end to end information hence creating visibility within the company.
Naveex allows businesses speedup their processes thus increasing productivity and efficiency. Naveex inspires customers by providing them the best solution to maximize their business, improve performance and sales hence increasing company’s profits. We inspire our customers to worry about what to do BUT not how to do it. Naveex help companies to build a level of loyalty that would triple their customers’ lifetime value.

Naveex Financial Administration
The Financial Administration tools are automated to keep a track of all the financial processes. Be it the E-invoicing, accounts receivables, financial statements, incoming payments, recordkeeping and taxation reports, the information is easily generated and accessible in real time.
Business intelligence for quote to bill management capabilities and streamlined office automation.

Naveex Educational
Training & Certifications
Naveex certifications broaden your knowledge about the tools used in the most successful financial markets. By undertaking Naveex training, you will quickly become proficient for Naveex Products. It is also gives you an additional advantage in your career world.